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"The fear of a mass exodus from these states is probably a little overstated," Steffen said. "The SALT change would also reduce financial flexibility by increasing political resistance to tax increases at the state and local level. The overall negative effect would be felt most sharply in high-tax states such as California, New York, and New Jersey," he added. The tax reform legislation also proposes changes to the mortgage interest deduction. Уменьшение налога енвд и усн на сумму страховых взносов в 2017 году для ип. Now that the Senate passed a sweeping tax reform bill, proposed changes to state and local tax and mortgage deductions could be especially damaging to those residents. Effects of the changes would vary depending on the size of the family, their income and the standard deduction they would be allowed to take under the plan's revised individual income brackets. "The operating assumption would be that the Senate's provisions will be controlling," said Jared Walczak, senior policy analyst at the Tax Foundation. States may also rethink their approach to revenue and spending with the increased risk of losing high-income residents, he said.

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. The loss of SALT and mortgage deductions could result in a bigger hit for residents of certain states, according to Chris Raulston, a wealth strategist at Raymond James.

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. Уменьшение земельного налога прошлый период. But the same might not be true for larger families, he said. Residents of states with higher tax rates - like California, Connecticut, New Jersey and New York - might be facing bigger tax bills if the Republicans' tax reform is kept in its current form. Some lower and middle income taxpayers could be made whole if the doubling of the standard deduction offset the elimination of the personal exemption and itemized deductions, Raulston said. Сумма налога к уменьшению надо ли платить налог. "When you combine the loss of the state income tax deduction with the loss of the AMT, it could be a wash for a lot of high income individuals," Steffen said. Individuals can currently deduct those taxes as an itemized deduction.

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. "The bottom line is for families in these particular states. That's because the elimination of deductions and exemptions - such as for the family's mortgage, number of family members or state income and real estate taxes - might amount to more than the increased standard deduction. Lawmakers are working to come up with one tax reform bill. Налоговая оптимизация по усн. "It's pretty brutal and there's no way to hide other than moving to Utah or Nebraska," Edwards said.


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